Thursday, June 5, 2008

School's out for summer!

I'm just a tiny bit excited. Really.

Alright, I'm super freakin excited. I'm soooo glad to be finished. I still have a couple of random meetings to attend, but nothing big, and the distraction will be fine. I am free until August 25. Wow, that's a long time. :)

Check out the cute purse I could win on Carly's blog . It's awesome. I hope I win. I'm not exactly sure what the criteria is, so we'll see.

Speaking of purses, I've been on the waiting list for this incredible raffia purse on QVC since April. I went to look at it again yesterday, and it's not on the website anymore. I'm supposed to find out on the 7th if it's coming, or if I still have to wait, or if I'm not going to get it at all. I may cry if I don't get it. Not really. But it is really awesome. If it comes, I'll post a pic. It's a Maxx New York, and I haven't seen it anywhere else on the internet. And trust me, I've looked.

Have to go visit my friend's new baby boy tomorrow - blanket not finished, of course, so I'll have some other gift in hand. Then I get to get my boobies smashed - mammogram time! Woo hoo!

By the way, anyone else having a huge heat wave? We're supposed to be in the 90s for about the next week. Hello, Weather Gods? This is Columbus, Ohio, not Los Angeles. A little cooler, please? I have a four year old who doesn't care that I get visible sweat stains at the park. I'm just saying, a drop into more normal temps would not be a bad thing. Thanks.


Kat said...

Great for you, enjoy the summer. I would love to be off, retirement soon though!!

I've been around but many things happening to keep me away from my knitting and blogging!!

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michelle f said...

Thanks, Kat - I get the emails from Hungry Girl, and I've been considering the book. Nice to have a good review!