Wednesday, March 26, 2008


and sort of kickin... Working like crazy on my national board stuff. My daughter and I are staying with my parents while I'm on spring break, but I'm spending my days at the library tippy typing away. I think I just may finish the thing. Then I have to wait until November to find out how I scored. Sucks. In knitting news, I haven't been doing any. At all. No time. But right before we left on Saturday to come up here, I received my April Showers swap pack. Nice stuff. I'll post the picture when I get home. Thankfully, I have until the 31st to send mine out. The 31st - a magic day. I'll kill two birds with one stone at the post office - send my partner her swap stuff, and mail the damn box to NBPTS, thank goodness!

Monday, March 17, 2008


I have dug myself a hole of procrastination that there may be no rescue from. National Board Certification sucks.
In other news, I told my hubby tonight that I was done with the whole dieting thing. All of it. Every bit. No more nutritionist, no more calorie counting, no points, no weight watchers, nothing, nada, zilch, zip. I am sick and tired of worrying about what I eat and the numbers that go with it. So I have decided to embrace myself (my fat self) and love me as I am. And maybe, just maybe, I'll finally figure this whole food thing out if I just let myself be.

So there.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The best laid plans

My daughter didn't cooperate with my plan for a fantastic snow day to myself. Shocker. So she stayed home all day with me, and needless to say, I did no knitting. She thinks she wants to knit, then gets frustrated when she can't make something with the yarn and needles I give her and makes me knit with them, so I accomplish nothing. Oh well. I have managed to work in some time since then, and have turned the heel on my sock!! Woo hoo! The gusset is pretty ugly - have some work to do in that area, but all in all I'm pretty pleased. I'll post pictures when the first one is done. Saturday is my birthday - I'll be half of 74... not cool...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lucky day

Got my snow day, as wished for. The best part is that I knew last night, so I didn't even have to set my alarm! The sun is shining today, so I'm hoping more snow will melt off and life can get back to normal. My daughter still wants to go to school today, which is so fine with me, because I can have a day totally to myself. Waaaay too much family time closed in the house this weekend! Not that I don't love them dearly, but....

I plan to keep knitting on my socks today. Just following the basic pattern from Ann Budd, and I'm loving how they are turning out. But I can definitely see how people become addicted to sock knitting - I'm already looking at other patterns, and may try the purless Monkey with the yarn Kat sent me. Of course, I should probably finish my first pair before I cast on for another, lest I fall victim to the dreaded "second sock syndrome", also known as finishing one sock and never ever casting on for the second.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I promised pictures, didn't I?

Here are my goodies from Kat - awesome, huh? Conspicuously missing from the picture are the can of almonds and the bag of honey mustard/onion pretzel nuggets. Yummmmy!

I had to hide the soap from my daughter until I could take the picture, but no fear - she has made up for lost time and the bunny's ears will soon be worn away. She is a very, very clean child now, too! Kat, you're amazing, and I can't wait to find the perfect projects for the yarn! You're the best, and you made my first swap really great.

In other news, check out the snow! This picture was taken around 8am, and we probably got 3 more inches after this. They are calling it a blizzard, and the official total at the airport was 20.3 inches. The last time we received this much snow in central Ohio was the blizzard of 1978, so this is quite the shock to the system. DH tried valiantly to shovel the driveway today, and did a fairly decent job, but I'm still not sure we'll be able to get out any time soon. I'm certainly not going to hold my breath, but maybe I'll get a snow day Monday? One can only hope....

I'm in a new swap now - the April Showers Sock Yarn swap on Swap-bot. I'm really enjoying that site - there are some really interesting swaps that I think would be a bunch of fun, but I'm not going to sign up for anything else until I finish my National Board Certification stuff, which is due by the END OF THE MONTH!!!! I think, just maybe, my procrastination may have done me in this time....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pictures coming soon. Really. I promise.

But in the meantime, suffice it to say... WOW!!!!! I received my Defeat the Winter Doldrums swap package, and I was amazed! My spoiler was Kat G (Grammy Kat) and she was incredible! Beautiful yarn, yummy treats, and awesome dishcloths. She even included really cute Easter soap for my little one. What a fantastic spoiler! If you're ever in a swap with her, cross your fingers that she gets paired with you! :)