Saturday, June 28, 2008


The little one comes home tomorrow, and I've missed her so much! I had my first tearful call today, because she just really missed me a lot... my mom said, "she almost made it!" I can't wait to see her and give her hugs and kisses! I truly enjoyed my week of my old life, but I don't think I'd trade it for the world. One nice bonus of the time was that the hubby and I reconnected, and things were kind of like the old days - very nice. I need to figure out how to hold on to that even when the kiddo is around. Easier said than done, unfortunately. But I'm going to give it a good shot, anyway. :)

Waiting for the next round of storms to come in tonight. I think I'll unplug before my power goes out...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dishcloth Swap Topic #3

Need to do this....
Well now that Summer has OFFICIALLY begun.. what do you do to beat the heat? A nice tall glass of lemonade? Frozen Coffee? A dip in the pool? What's your favorite way to keep cool this summer as things heat up?

My favorite way to keep cool is the air conditioning. God bless whomever invented it! I'm not a big fan of hanging out in heat, so I don't like to hang out outside when it's hot. Thankfully, here in Ohio, the temperature has been fabulous lately - cool nights, and days in the 70's and 80's. I think it's coming to an end, though, sadly enough. So the a/c is going on in the morning!

Woo Hoo!

I'm finished with the NBPTS test, and it went pretty well! Kat, thanks for checking on me, along with my dishcloth swap partner! There were 2 of 6 sections that I don't think I totally rocked on, but overall, I think it was good. Most importantly, I'm DONE! I don't find out how I did until the end of November - blah - but I'll be sure to let everyone know.

The DD is still in Michigan with my parents. She's having a ball and doesn't want to talk about coming home. I'm enjoying quiet days and a freedom like I haven't had in four and a half years. But, I miss her sooooo much - I can't wait for her to come home so I can smooch on her! I do not, however, miss the constant mess of toys and craft projects and stuff - but it's a small price to pay for that sweet smile and those funny comments.

My plan for today is to get through about a million and one loads of laundry, with lots of knitting in between. If not for the laundry, it would be ideal...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Home again, home again

Back from three days with the parents and sister. The DD is staying there by herself for a while. According to her, she wants to stay "five days by herself". Tonight, when I told her I missed her already, she told me she would see me on the sixth day. Thanks, kid.

Thank you for the kind comments on my hair. I'm getting kind of used to it, and have decided that it's actually going to work out for the best. I got the damaged, colored hair cut off and what's left is curly and healthy and cute. Or at least that's what I'm going to tell everyone!

I'm taking my NBPTS test on Tuesday at 3:oo - wish me luck! I'm going to be studying my booty off for the next two days, so if I'm not around here, that's why. I'll probably still check in, though. Everyone needs a study break, right? :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

And strikes yet again...

Didn't get my swap-bot stuff mailed today like I said I would. In checking the swap page, it looks like I'm not the only one, but I feel rotten about it. I have the dishcloths ready, I just need to put together the rest of the stuff I want to send and actually mail it.

And, also, I got what I think is the worst haircut I've ever had in my life today. When asked if she liked it, the DD said, "no", and when asked what she didn't like about it specifically, she said, "everything". Excellent. I look like Kevin Jonas, only my hair is shorter. Lovely... (btw, for those of you without daughters, Kevin Jonas is one of the ubiquitous Jonas Brothers, and even though my daughter is really too young, we will be watching our DVR'd copy of Camp Rock tomorrow - try not to be jealous.) Can't wait to hear what the DH has to say about it. He wants me to send him a phone pic so he can be prepared. I love my life.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Queen of Procrastination Strikes Again

Apparently, I overestimated - there are only 2 of you who read this blog. :)

So, my procrastination has finally caught up to me in a really crappy way. Those of you who read regularly might remember me complaining about completing my National Board Certification portfolio. I had to have it finished at the end of March, and put off doing it right until the deadline. Anyway, I pulled it off, am waiting for my results which will come in November, and just needed to take the test on the content standards. I kept thinking, "Hey, Michelle, you really need to call and get that test scheduled. Ah, but why now? You have until June 15!" Guess what came and went without me scheduling my test? And I'm not even going to give you three tries.

So, I had to pay $175 to have my testing candidacy reinstated, and now I have about a four day window to retest. Sucks.... DH was pretty good about the money, but now is not happy that I want to spend on other things, too. I seem to have incredibly bad timing, and an exceptionally bad memory. And, a bunch of gray hair that needs colored and cut to the tune of $100. And, a purse I just bought from QVC for $100. I may just lose my happy home.

I'll be mailing out my dishcloth swap stuff tomorrow for the Swap-bot swap I'm doing. I'll actually be on time for it... I guess there's a first for everything!

Monday, June 16, 2008

KC Stuff

(Okay, I can't get Blogger to put the pictures where I want them to go - shocker - so the first picture is the swag and the other one
is what I bought.....)

This is my swag bag from KC. So much fun stuff! Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light and Pure Merino Heather, both in purple, Kraemer Yarns brushed mohair (with some sparkly stuff in it - not too sure about it), Lang Yarns West wool/acrylic blend, Claudia Hand Painted merino wool in Strawberry Latte, and Univeral Summer Linen in a green apple color. Awesome.

Next up is what I bought at the yarn market, where I brought the little girl, who did not exactly enjoy herself. Although, it may have been a good thing because I probably would have spent WAY too much money. Anyway, this is Blue Ridge Yarns, and the colorway is Mossy Hollow. Gor-gee-ous! Don't know what I'll make with it - maybe socks, maybe not. What else can you knit with sock weight merino? I don't really know, and feel like a dork because I don't, but I just don't. Any suggestions from the like, four of you who read this? I'd appreciate it.

Dishcloth Swap Topic #2

Living in Atlanta, I know Summer has truly 'arrived' when it begins to get humid. Blech. When I was a kid, I knew Summer was starting the easy way - School was out!! Share with us how you know that summer has truly 'arrived', or something that signifies the start of Summer in your world.
I know summer has truly "arrived" when I don't have to go to work any more!!! Being a teacher has the best perks in the world. Humidity is also a big, bad signal - hate it. Thankfully, things are cooling off here in the midwest. I actually turned my air off and opened the windows tonight. It's supposed to go down to 53, which is dang near perfect in my opinion.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Knitter's Connection class today! I'm really geeked up, and I'm such a nerd! I'll post pics later tonight of what I accomplish. I'm hoping this will kick me in the booty to actually pick up the needles. I've done plenty of reading about knitting, and pattern picking, but not much actual knitting lately. In all fairness, I got sick this week and haven't really felt like doing much. Should make for a decent first WW week, though! :) Isn't it interesting that everyone in the family can get sick except the mom? You moms out there know what I mean... who exactly takes care of us? Anyway, off to meet my friend for lunch and then to an afternoon of bliss!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

So for this week's topic, make a post on your own blog sharing YOUR favorite pattern(s) with us! Don't have a favorite site? That's fine! Show us a photo of one of the cloths you have made and really loved, even if it was just a made up pattern!

I stumbled across this website: where there are about a bajillion free patterns for dishcloths. The last one I knit is the one the link brings up - the Puffalump Limbo Line, which is a REALLY cute pattern. I definitely intend to make it again. It's a little more washcloth looking than dishcloth looking, in my opinion, but is still really cute! After the swap is over, I'll post a picture, just in case my partner figures me out. Don't want her knowing what she's getting! ;)

I am also a big fan of the corner-to-corner cloth. Super easy, don't have to think, really useful and durable. Big fan, big fan.

In non-knitting news, I blew my first offical day on WW, due to being at a 12 hour scrapbooking crop and having no control over what was served, and also a serious lack of self control about eating what was served. However, today I have done a bang-up job, if I do say so myself. And, I walked three miles this morning. I pretty much rock. Can't wait to start feeling better about myself, but I think I'm already noticing a change in how I'm thinking. Of course, my stomach is growling right now. I think I have about 3 points left, so I'll need to find a snack! :)

Today was just an all around good day. Walked this morning, took the DD to the park, took a nice nap, took the DD to a water park where she got to run around with a friend, and a nice dinner with all three of us. Not too shabby. I'll have another, please! Without the sunburn, though - brilliant me was hanging out in 94 degree sunshine with no sunscreen. I said it was a good day, not a smart day.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

School's out for summer!

I'm just a tiny bit excited. Really.

Alright, I'm super freakin excited. I'm soooo glad to be finished. I still have a couple of random meetings to attend, but nothing big, and the distraction will be fine. I am free until August 25. Wow, that's a long time. :)

Check out the cute purse I could win on Carly's blog . It's awesome. I hope I win. I'm not exactly sure what the criteria is, so we'll see.

Speaking of purses, I've been on the waiting list for this incredible raffia purse on QVC since April. I went to look at it again yesterday, and it's not on the website anymore. I'm supposed to find out on the 7th if it's coming, or if I still have to wait, or if I'm not going to get it at all. I may cry if I don't get it. Not really. But it is really awesome. If it comes, I'll post a pic. It's a Maxx New York, and I haven't seen it anywhere else on the internet. And trust me, I've looked.

Have to go visit my friend's new baby boy tomorrow - blanket not finished, of course, so I'll have some other gift in hand. Then I get to get my boobies smashed - mammogram time! Woo hoo!

By the way, anyone else having a huge heat wave? We're supposed to be in the 90s for about the next week. Hello, Weather Gods? This is Columbus, Ohio, not Los Angeles. A little cooler, please? I have a four year old who doesn't care that I get visible sweat stains at the park. I'm just saying, a drop into more normal temps would not be a bad thing. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Someday we'll find it, the Knitter's Connection...

and I'm going! Woo hoo! I've never been to a knitting conference before, and I was talking with my friend Sandy at work (who, by the way, is my role model knitter with mad skills) and she said she was going and I should, too. So, not being one to ignore good knitting advice, I signed up for one class. That also lets me shop the expo, which is the really cool part. The class is knitting quilt squares, which I think is going to be really cool. I have a major goal of making a blanket for DD's bed or for my own bed. Sandy, also by the way, just finished the Mason-Dixon mitered square blanket. It's way cool.

In other news, I am so incredibly fat right now that I have decided I must absolutely do something about it. So WW, here I come. Again. Not that anyone's counting or anything. Just me. And please, let me wrap my head around it this time and make it work. I so need it to, for many, many reasons. Wish me luck.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A new dishcloth swap!!!

1. Do you Knit or Crochet? For how long? I knit, and for about 3 years

2. Do you enjoy using metal, wooden, or some other kind of needle\hook? I use wood needles - love how they feel, and that they don't make noise :)

3. What are your favorite types of yarn? Any you just can't stand? I like pretty much anything except icky acryllic

4. When it comes to cotton, are there any brands you'd love to try and haven't? Nope

5. When you make Dishcloths, do you use them yourself, or tend to give them as gifts? Both

6. Do you have a favorite color? Any that you dislike? I'm not a big fan of primary colors - anything else is good

7. What color(s) (if any!) are your kitchen and bath decorated in? Kitchen is sage green, khaki, and white; bathroom is teal blue/green and white

8. What are your favorite scents around the house? Cinnamon and vanilla

9. What is your very favorite thing about summer? I'm a teacher, so SUMMER BREAK!

10. What is your least favorite thing about summer? The heat - can't stand it

11. Do you use soap or body wash in the shower? Body wash

12. What scents do you enjoy in the bath? Vanilla, lavender

13. What is your favorite dishcloth pattern? I actually don't have a favorite - I'll use them all!

14. What sort of treats do you enjoy? Sweet or Salty? Salty - almonds, cashews, pretzels... but chocolate is pretty high on the list, too!

15. Imagine today is one of the hottest days of the year - what do you do to keep cool? Or are you one of those folks who loves the hot weather? Hate hot weather - my ideal would be to stay in the A/C with good music and some knitting, with a good book thrown in for when my hands get too tired

16. What sorts of hobbies do you enjoy besides knitting or crocheting? Reading, scrapbooking, jewelry making

17. Do you collect anything (besides yarn!) Longaberger baskets

18. Are you on Ravelry? If so, share your ID! Yep - I think I'm knitcurl71, but I'm pretty new to it, so I'm not sure how the whole ID thing works

19. Do you have any allergies? Nope

20. Do you have any pets?
Two cats - Logan and Sadie - and a dog, Chuck