Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Queen of Procrastination Strikes Again

Apparently, I overestimated - there are only 2 of you who read this blog. :)

So, my procrastination has finally caught up to me in a really crappy way. Those of you who read regularly might remember me complaining about completing my National Board Certification portfolio. I had to have it finished at the end of March, and put off doing it right until the deadline. Anyway, I pulled it off, am waiting for my results which will come in November, and just needed to take the test on the content standards. I kept thinking, "Hey, Michelle, you really need to call and get that test scheduled. Ah, but why now? You have until June 15!" Guess what came and went without me scheduling my test? And I'm not even going to give you three tries.

So, I had to pay $175 to have my testing candidacy reinstated, and now I have about a four day window to retest. Sucks.... DH was pretty good about the money, but now is not happy that I want to spend on other things, too. I seem to have incredibly bad timing, and an exceptionally bad memory. And, a bunch of gray hair that needs colored and cut to the tune of $100. And, a purse I just bought from QVC for $100. I may just lose my happy home.

I'll be mailing out my dishcloth swap stuff tomorrow for the Swap-bot swap I'm doing. I'll actually be on time for it... I guess there's a first for everything!

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Kat said...

WOW, I know how that is! I am a Queenof Procrastination too!! And love to spend money also. Hubby says it is a 60/40 split, well maybe, more like 70/30 and I decide what we spend his 30% on!!!

Enjoy the weekend, hot and humid here again.