Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fa la la la la

I just spent almost two hours signing, addressing, stamping, and return-addressing about a billion Christmas cards. I hope everyone appreciates them. Every year, I wonder why I do this to myself. I think next year I'll get my act together early enough to order photo cards that I don't have to sign. Then I'll at least get to skip that part. And my DD will be old enough to at least put the stamps or return addres labels on. Sweet.

Really freakin cold here this weekend. I took my DD to ballet Sat. morning, and haven't left the house since. You'd think I accomplished so much, then, being cooped up in the house. But you would be wrong. I was basically a big lump. Not necessarily a bad thing, but bad for the condition of my house. I did manage some laundry - woo hoo!

Two days of school before winter break! Not that I'm counting or anything....

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Tonight is one of those nights that just really sucks. My daughter is going through an ESPECIALLY DIFFICULT phase right now and we just had a really icky time with bath and bed and everything. And my husband doesn't like the way I handle her outbursts, and so along with feeling like a shitty mom anyway because of how she acts, I get to feel even shittier because of how he reacts. Sometimes, for really brief, brief moments, I wish for my pre-marriage, pre-child life.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Home again, home again...

...without any hurling! Woo hoo! I hit upon the magic cocktail of Xanax and Dramamine, and life was very, very good. I actually enjoyed parts of the flight, believe it or not. Although airplane seats are generally very uncomfortable. But, flight itself. Good.

And Oregon - Portland, specifically - is so nice. Very clean, and environmentally friendly. Made me feel guilty for all the times I don't recycle. However, very large, scary population of homeless, teenage, heroin addicts. We ran into many in our travels, and it just left me feeling sad. But then I just drank some more wine, and I was fine! :) I could not have asked for a better group to be traveling with. So much fun, so much alcohol, so many laughs, and the conference itself was actually really good.

I finished two Christmas presents while there, started a third, and found an incredible yarn shop called Knit-Purl where I bought a beautiful nubby wool to make a scarf for me. If I ever finish all my gifts, that is. One of these days I will photograph all the nameless projects to show them off. And hopefully I would be able to figure out how to add them to the blog. Hmmm... technology is not always my friend.

Back to work tomorrow. I was getting ready to complain, but then I realized I only have 7 more work days until I'm off for winter break. Don't hate me because I chose a rockin job... And actually on one of those days, I don't have to teach. I just meet with colleagues all day. Six actual days of work, and then two full weeks off. I'm just saying, is all.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fear of Flying

I fly to Oregon in the morning to go to a conference for work. The conference should be good, and I've looked up some yarn shops close to the hotel where we're staying. I plan to walk around tomorrow and see what I can see. However, I have to get there first, and driving just isn't a real great option. See, the thing is that I really hate to fly... really, really hate to fly. And my issue isn't the big thing about thinking the plane is going to crash or something like that. My issue is hurling. I have nasty motion sickness, and I hate the way I feel on an airplane. I end up freaking myself out and psyching myself into barfing. Nice. Especially when you're traveling with your colleagues. My MD prescribed Xanax, and I've loaded up on Dramamine. Wish me luck...

Almost finished with a gift for Dad, working on more for Mom, then need to get going on gifts for my girlfriends' kids. I'm hoping the conference is going to provide ample time to get things finished. Christmas is only 21 days away!!!!! Panic sets in!!! I may have to face the fact that I just can not knit things for everyone I know.

This is an incredibly boring post. I'm trying to stay up late so I'll sleep like a little baby on my flight tomorrow. I'll let you all know how it goes.