Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fear of Flying

I fly to Oregon in the morning to go to a conference for work. The conference should be good, and I've looked up some yarn shops close to the hotel where we're staying. I plan to walk around tomorrow and see what I can see. However, I have to get there first, and driving just isn't a real great option. See, the thing is that I really hate to fly... really, really hate to fly. And my issue isn't the big thing about thinking the plane is going to crash or something like that. My issue is hurling. I have nasty motion sickness, and I hate the way I feel on an airplane. I end up freaking myself out and psyching myself into barfing. Nice. Especially when you're traveling with your colleagues. My MD prescribed Xanax, and I've loaded up on Dramamine. Wish me luck...

Almost finished with a gift for Dad, working on more for Mom, then need to get going on gifts for my girlfriends' kids. I'm hoping the conference is going to provide ample time to get things finished. Christmas is only 21 days away!!!!! Panic sets in!!! I may have to face the fact that I just can not knit things for everyone I know.

This is an incredibly boring post. I'm trying to stay up late so I'll sleep like a little baby on my flight tomorrow. I'll let you all know how it goes.

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