Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fa la la la la

I just spent almost two hours signing, addressing, stamping, and return-addressing about a billion Christmas cards. I hope everyone appreciates them. Every year, I wonder why I do this to myself. I think next year I'll get my act together early enough to order photo cards that I don't have to sign. Then I'll at least get to skip that part. And my DD will be old enough to at least put the stamps or return addres labels on. Sweet.

Really freakin cold here this weekend. I took my DD to ballet Sat. morning, and haven't left the house since. You'd think I accomplished so much, then, being cooped up in the house. But you would be wrong. I was basically a big lump. Not necessarily a bad thing, but bad for the condition of my house. I did manage some laundry - woo hoo!

Two days of school before winter break! Not that I'm counting or anything....

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