Friday, June 20, 2008

And strikes yet again...

Didn't get my swap-bot stuff mailed today like I said I would. In checking the swap page, it looks like I'm not the only one, but I feel rotten about it. I have the dishcloths ready, I just need to put together the rest of the stuff I want to send and actually mail it.

And, also, I got what I think is the worst haircut I've ever had in my life today. When asked if she liked it, the DD said, "no", and when asked what she didn't like about it specifically, she said, "everything". Excellent. I look like Kevin Jonas, only my hair is shorter. Lovely... (btw, for those of you without daughters, Kevin Jonas is one of the ubiquitous Jonas Brothers, and even though my daughter is really too young, we will be watching our DVR'd copy of Camp Rock tomorrow - try not to be jealous.) Can't wait to hear what the DH has to say about it. He wants me to send him a phone pic so he can be prepared. I love my life.


Kat said...

The best thing about hair is it GROWS!!!

But I've been there and it sucks!!!

Anonymous said...

ACK! I hate it when I get a terrible haircut. Also, it always seems that when I finally find a great hairdresser, they always LEAVE the salon I use.

I think it's worse for dudes, though. Women can work through a bad haircut pretty well, unless you have like super-short hair.

Sending fast hair-growing karma your way! :-)

michelle f said...

THANKS for the fast hair-growing karma!!! Hope it helps!