Monday, March 10, 2008

Lucky day

Got my snow day, as wished for. The best part is that I knew last night, so I didn't even have to set my alarm! The sun is shining today, so I'm hoping more snow will melt off and life can get back to normal. My daughter still wants to go to school today, which is so fine with me, because I can have a day totally to myself. Waaaay too much family time closed in the house this weekend! Not that I don't love them dearly, but....

I plan to keep knitting on my socks today. Just following the basic pattern from Ann Budd, and I'm loving how they are turning out. But I can definitely see how people become addicted to sock knitting - I'm already looking at other patterns, and may try the purless Monkey with the yarn Kat sent me. Of course, I should probably finish my first pair before I cast on for another, lest I fall victim to the dreaded "second sock syndrome", also known as finishing one sock and never ever casting on for the second.

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