Thursday, July 31, 2008


I really have nothing to write about. I just figured I'd get one more post in before the end of July.

Still knitting away on the dang baby blanket, and have another friend who is due in 6 weeks. Although this time around, I found a much quicker pattern, thank goodness. Finished two dishcloths for a swap on Swap-bot - one is a bunch of grapes and the other is two cherries. I'm not so happy with them, but the theme was food, so whatever. I'll try to photograph them before I mail them out tomorrow, but I don't know if you'll be able to see the pattern work. I also cast on for Clapotis with the sock yarn I bought at KC. Haven't decided yet if it will be frogged. I think I need to get to the straight rows before I can tell if I'm going to like it.

I have about three weeks left before I go back to work. I somehow feel like I accomplished nothing this summer. I was going to clean and organize both my and my daughter's closets, but have yet to do either. And let me tell ya, I don't exactly have a fire lit under my ass to start on either one. I have to go do a sleep study next week - I have had two mental health professionals tell me that they think I may have sleep apnea. Once that's tested and taken care of (I'll probably end up with one of those really sexy machines that goes up my nose - nice...) then I start treatment for ADHD. Long story, and I never would have believed it in a million years, but apparently I have it. Hopefully, medication will help me be better organized and actually get a start on those projects around the house that I just don't want to do. At the very least, hopefully it'll take away my appetite and I lose some weight! :) Gotta look at the bright side of this thing.

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